March 17, 2021- 9:27 p.m

NASHVILLE, TN – A joint operation between the U.S. Marshals Service, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation resulted in those agencies finding 150 missing children across the state.

Planning for the effort, named Operation Volunteer Strong, began in fall 2020 with operation efforts launching on Jan. 4.

After identifying 240 missing children statewide, TBI intelligence analysts compiled information and potential leads on each, which designated law enforcement teams carefully pursued during two-week blitzes in each of Tennessee’s three grand regions.

“We are grateful to be part of this effort, but our work is not done,” said Miller. “Our commitment to finding our missing children will not end.”

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Commissioner Jennifer Nichols said 93 of the children found are DCS children, most of them girls.“We are committed to providing the services these children deserve,” said Nichols. “The works is transformational.

We cannot stop and there in nothing more worthwhile.“Our mission ‘That guilt shall not escape, nor innocence suffer’ is more than a motto. It reminds us every day of what really matters,” said TBI Director David Rausch.

“In this operation, it was the innocence of children who may need help or love, a new start or just someone safe to talk to.

At TBI, we’re committed to playing a part in that kind of work for the long haul and look forward to continuing these types of operations in the future.

“It is critical for families and children to know that even though this operation has ended, we will continue to look for you.”A look at the blitz in each of Tennessee’s grand divisions.

By Joseph Franklin

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