Justice For Them

Tennessee An undercover operation led by the Tennessee Bureau Investigation resulted in 11 men being arrested for seeking illicit sex from a minor and one woman was charged with promoting prostitution.

TBI’s Human Trafficking Unit, Chattanooga Police DepartmentHomeland Security Investigations, and the Tennessee Human Trafficking Task Force began the two-day investigation on November 10.

Officers placed several decoy advertisements on websites linked to prostitution and commercial sex.

They were seeking to identify those seeking to have sex with minors.

Willowbend Farms, a non-profit program that works with survivors of human trafficking, and the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking also assisted with the investigation to help any victims of trafficking that were discovered during the investigation.

TBI shared that one woman did accept services at Willowbend Farms.

By Joseph Franklin

We blog about human trafficking and child porn cases. If you have any information on the situation please feel free to call the nation human trafficking hotline at 1-888-7888

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