Justice For Them

ATLANTA — A man is behind bars and charged with multiple counts of human trafficking, Attorney General Chris Carr announced Tuesday.

Terry Florence was charged with three counts of trafficking a person for sexual servitude for the crimes that occurred during the spring and summer of 2020, according to the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.

“We are working every single day to rescue victims of Human Trafficking and put their buyers and traffickers behind bars,” said Attorney General Chris Carr.

“Our team will continue to track down every lead until there are no more victims of this horrific crime in Georgia and all perpetrators are behind bars,” he added.

If convicted, Florence could see a sentence of 25 years imprisonment to life for each count. 

By Joseph Franklin

We blog about human trafficking and child porn cases. If you have any information on the situation please feel free to call the nation human trafficking hotline at 1-888-7888

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